Canada goose (Canada Goose) was founded more than 60 years the Canada brand.Canada goose (Canada Goose) was founded more than 60 years the Canada brand.

In 1957, the founder Sam Tick Immigration Canada Hou, in a small warehouse in Toronto started a sportswear company, mainly engaged in the wool vests, Canada Goose Expedition Parka sale raincoats and Snowmobile suits.

In the 1970 of the 20th century, Sam Tick’s son-in-law, David (David Reiss) took over the company, invented the down filling machine based on volume rather than weight, should be called a new era of the company.

At that time, sportswear companies are manufacturing, municipal workers, police, Ministry of the environment, the Ministry of Correctional Services custom feather coat.


David (David Reiss) also created a Snow Goose (snow goose) logo. Because when entering the European market, meet brand names with the same name, there will be a brand name–now known as the Canada geese (Canada Goose).

80, Canada Goose began production with the unique needs of the polar expedition expedition expedition of the coat.

Until the 90 ‘s, Dani Reiss (Danny), grandson of founder, David’s son appointed CEO of Canada Goose, began to carry forward this brand of half a century.

1, adhere to Made in Canada.

While many people when companies transfer their production to overseas, Canada Goose from the material, design, cutting, production in Canada itself.
Depending on the needs of our customers, select in the cold polar down coats, jacket is lightweight activities.

2, outdoor sports tough endorsement.

Fan Zhu found that in some extremely cold outdoor sports in the Canada Goose is the first choice of many outdoor lovers.

In 1982, Laurie Skreslet became the first Everest Canada people,
canada goose brookvale hoody outdoor equipment he wore at the time was the goose production.

Third, what are the classics of Canada goose (Canada Goose)?

Now that the weather is cooler, Fan Zhu often see street photos are Canada Goose Parka down coats. Among them, there are classic styles must be standing.

① the SNOW MANtrA PARKA, the most famous of the warmest down jacket on the planet.

Can withstand a temperature of extreme weather. Estimates in this jacket in the North wind’s sweat.


③ fan then interspersed with a PBI SHERWOOD HOODY lightweight Hooded down jacket, this is more suitable for when it’s not too cold to wear. Fan You standing in the South.

④Black girls usually wear long down jacket in the winter. “Crimson witch” yilishabai·aoersen and Lucy Liu wore long down Kensington Parka, is a warm, waist, style is simply down.

⑤ FREEstyle VEST suitable for indoor wear,Canada goose Outlet more a vest or cold, feel warm droplets.