1, Canada Goose: Canada goose was born in Canada, called the God-level warm jewel.

Canada Goose was founded in 1957, founded by Lacey, President of now’s grandfather; decades before the establishment of the company while doing good business, but did not become an internationally renowned brand. After real growth of the company is to enter the 21st century. In the past 10 years, Canada Goose jacket become an internationally known brand of winter clothes, not only sports photos magazine photos of constantly logging out on Canada Goose down jacket, even fighting national leaders pujingdadidu are big fans of the brand.

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2、Moose Knuckles

After expensive Canada Goose jacket sale, another expensive Moose Knuckles, just a thick winter coat and CAD$600 jump … Impression of it is where the work has a rich sister winter wearing their bright red jackets, the logo is very impressive.

3, Arc’ter YX: archaeopteryx is Canada outdoor clothing brand

Arc’teryx (archaeopteryx), founded in 1989 in Canada Vancouver, in recent years a number of subsidiary products production was moved to New Zealand, and Viet Nam and China, but the company’s headquarters, Design Studio, main workshops in Vancouver, its products are mostly used for rock climbing, trekking and other activities. Because of its pursuit of the crazy new technology and techniques, just more than 10 years, become recognized in North America and the world’s leading outdoor brand, in the area of clothing and backpacks class has a good product. Its products are mainly involved in trekking, climbing and winter sports.


4, Roots: the most representative brand casual apparel

Roots was founded in 1973 by Michael Budman and Don Green in Canada Lake Ontario by creating. ROOTS to footwear and leather goods in the early founding of solid hand-the prestigious, Lake Ontario, and the two founders are leisure life inspiration into exquisite, clean design style, as “relaxed, natural, dynamic” series of American men, then in Canada and the United States made a name in the market.

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Canada local brands, to buy nearly all high school students, more Casual students. A young, casual, popular brands, represents the symbol is a pink stars, where many teenagers like to buy clothes, style is “Canada”, the price is not expensive.


Aritzia is Canada’s favorite a Canada brand. Aritzia’s ten brands: Babaton,TNA, Talula. Atitzia collection is comfortable and natural style. Aritzia sale when, at 6 o’clock in the morning on the door could not be big queues. From teenage girls to mature women. Like the texture canada goose toronto and design simple girls will like.


Lululemon is started by West Coast Vancouver sports brand. Vancouver’s streets, regardless of the size of the girls not wearing their legging, yoga wear yoga pants is Vancouver’s beloved. Name of Vancouver canada goose online shop who can’t dress loves his home starting from the beginning of the … … Material is very comfortable, not cheap. However, for the people of Vancouver, wear comfortable is more important.